There have been many impressive streaks seen in sports over the last 10 years that may not ever be broken. There are some teams that seemed to be unbeatable and then other teams that went on a streak that they wouldn’t be too proud of. The streaks help the sportContinue Reading

Generally, the top picks in the NFL draft are projected to contend, if not win, the rookie of the year award for offense or defense respectively.  This year has been no let down as the Offensive Rookie of the Year award is between the top two picks in the draft,Continue Reading

She isn’t on the cheer squad or the captain of a sports team. She isn’t the class president or homecoming queen. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t an integral part of Smithtown West. Marissa Coppola might not be recognized by many people, but to the art kids, she is allContinue Reading

The New Nintendo Switch has now hit the biggest selling number imaginable, selling over 20 million copies World Wide. What does this mean? It means that Nintendo has the biggest hit console ever made. Let’s see what makes this console so different from the other ones. The Nintendo Switch isContinue Reading

For three years she went mostly unnoticed through High School, but now almost everybody knows her name. Caroline Kelley is one of the anchors of our daily morning news and since she started to appear on nearly every smartboard in third period, many people are greeting her in the hallwaysContinue Reading

It’s no secret that the New York Yankees biggest weakness is the starting rotation.  At his best, Luis Severino could be the best pitcher in the American League, but he was wildly inconsistent this past season. Jordan Montgomery, who has shown promise, has dealt with many injuries over the pastContinue Reading

John Miranda was an aspiring runner until he lost the ability to move his legs. John grew up running around with his friends and jumping around the house. He could never sit still and was the type of kid a mother always had to keep an eye on. He lovedContinue Reading

If you’re a teenager who listens to the mainstream hits as your go-to source of music, you’ve most likely had an older family member or teacher look at you in sheer disgust and ask “… that’s the music you listen to?” or just straight “What is that?” Their concern isContinue Reading

Flash flooding in Port Jefferson last Tuesday night left the local theatre, Theatre Three, with extensive damage.   According to an article by Newsday, executive director Jeffrey Sanzel estimates about $50,000 worth of damage; most of which will not be covered by insurance.   Marci Bing, the theatre’s Educational TouringContinue Reading

Since the first Planned Parenthood opened its storefront in Brooklyn back in 1916, the organization has revolutionized the way people across America receive reproductive and sexual healthcare. Starting as one single clinic that offered birth control to women, Planned Parenthood today has expanded immensely; with about 650 clinics across theContinue Reading