Town Supervisor Wehrheim Delivers Annual State of the Town Address

Smithtown Town Supervisor Edward R. Wehrheim addressed the annual State of the Town via news release on January 27, mentioning significant topics such as coronavirus, water quality, road safety, recent renovations, and infrastructure upgrades.

Wehrheim, who was re-elected for another term in office as Town Supervisor, started by acknowledging the federal coronavirus aid of over 11 million dollars for economic recovery.

In the first section of his report, plans are laid for an “aggressive” plan to renovate roadways and drainage systems. He described purchases of new milling machines and pothole repair machines by the Highway Department that will help to ensure safety on the roads. Plans for camera studies of the underground drainage system have been established. Wehrheim promises that “any resident who has ever experienced a sudden surge of fear any time it rains, will soon have comfort at last.”

Next, Wehrheim described the creation of a “Stream Team” to ensure small streams in Smithtown are free from “debris, invasive species, and other blockages.” He claims that “this is a game changer for our local ecosystem and water quality.”

Wehrheim also introduces a futuristic plan for traffic safety. He states that the town has invested in technology for the use of street lamps to act as sensors and cameras for traffic data. These cameras and sensors will allow for faster detection and dispatch of town public safety employees to areas that need attention, such as the presence of vandals, street lamp malfunctions, snow accumulation and loitering after closing time in parks. They will also be able to function as Wi-Fi hotspots for public areas.

He also described upcoming renovations of the Kings Park and Smithtown sewage systems. At Smithtown, he announced plans to utilize a unit at the Kings Park Psychiatric Center (now mainly located in Nissequogue State Park land) as part of the renovation.

As for existing renovations, Wehrheim congratulated the progress of the Lake Avenue Revitalization project and the construction of Celebrate Park in St. James.

Subsequently, Wehrheim announced that 75% of the park system had undergone repairs and renovations, including the production of larger products such as Flynn Memorial Ballpark. He lists significant renovations at Moriches Soccer Complex, Morewood community park, Gibbs Pond Park, the Nesconset Library, the Hike and Bike trail in Kings Park, the Kings Park Bluff, Long Beach, Schubert’s Beach, Short Beach, and the Laurel Hills and East Hills community parks. He also described plans for renovation in 2022 of Hoyt Farm, Brady Park, Moriches Park, Gaynor Park, Burr Winkle Park, Callahans Beach, Long Beach, Charles P. Toner Park, and the Landing Country Club.

In 2021, the Town exchanged Bill Richards Park to Suffolk County. Wehrheim states that In exchange Smithtown plans to acquire the Paul T. Given Park across from the Smithtown Bull and conduct significant renovations.

Additionally, Wehrheim introduced the construction of a new platform, stairway, mailroom, and security post at Town Hall.

Wehrheim also listed environmental efforts made in 2021, including the collection of 71 tons of hazardous waste, the shredding of over 21 tons of paper, the cleaning of 466 catch basins, and the planting of 1250 trees.

Next, in 2021, a STEM partnership with the Smithtown Central School District was announced to increase education regarding environmental science.

Finally, the Comprehensive Master Plan was drafted in 2021 with input from the public and will continue to be revised this year. Proposed plans include maintaining a Light Industry Zone in the Townline Road industrial area, increase in bicycle infrastructure, and preservation of historical buildings at the New York Avenue building of the Smithtown Central School District.

Supervisor Wehrheim{R} was re-elected for Town Supervisor last year. He is a veteran of the U.S. By working up the ranks in Smithtown for over 40 years, he eventually rose to the rank of Town Supervisor.


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