Grey’s Anatomy has just broken the world record for the longest running medical show that is still running with over 15 seasons and over 300 episodes. Throughout the series you have some of your favorite moments and other shows you want to stop watching because your favorite character has leftContinue Reading

Based on the true events of the 1980 United States miracle Olympic run, Gavin O’Connor’s Miracle is a film that accurately depicts the events that led to such an astounding victory at Lake Placid. The movie features Kurt Russell playing the role of US head coach Herb Brooks. From thereContinue Reading

Since 2003 The Bachelor has been running on ABC. Grouping 25 women together to have them fight over one man—pure genius. There is no question why The Bachelor has been running for 16 years. There inevitable drama that transpires makes for great entertainment. The audience is allowed to embark onContinue Reading

 “Poke” in Hawaiian means to cut into pieces or to slice, and poke bowl is a traditional dish originated from ancient Hawaii. Today, Hawaiian poke bowls are usually mixed in with Japanese style, for the preference of modern people, the taste of this dish was consisted of both eastern andContinue Reading

The indie game known as Sally Face has grown in the past few years. An indie game is a game that is made independently by a developer. The games normally have no publisher financial support and rely on concept. The game Sally Face started off as a weird game thatContinue Reading

Based on the 2004 movie starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams, the new Broadway musical, Mean Girls opened this past May. The show was nominated for 12 Tonys, but unfortunately took home none. While this show definitely isn’t Tony material, with its mainly bubblegum pop soundtrack, it is certainly aContinue Reading

Released on November 21, 2018, “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” sends the audience into an abyss of nostalgia, bringing back the loveable duo—Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz—for yet another adventure.   Taking place six years ahead since the first movie, ultimately making it present time, “Ralph Breaks the Internet”Continue Reading

Ever since the Nintendo announced the New Super Mario Odyssey for the switch, fans of the Mario universe were super excited for this game. It would feature mechanics never seen before and environments that staggered the imagination. It would be a Mario game style we haven’t seen in a veryContinue Reading

  The Hate U Give (aka THUG) gives a modern day time stance on issues such as police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. In THUG the main character, Starr, witnesses her childhood friend, Khalil, get shot by a white police officer when Khalil was innocent. This stems offContinue Reading

On Sunday, January 14th, I went to the city to go see “Spongebob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical.” Here are my thoughts and opinions on this interesting and wacky show. When I first entered the theater, the atmosphere and decor was amazing. It had a distinct Hawaiian feel and some greatContinue Reading

People may say my tastes in music and film are “nerdy” or “geeky,” and when I show people that I listen to Gloryhammer, I can see why. Gloryhammer is a Scottish-Swiss ¨power metal¨ band, consisting of Thomas Winkler as the vocalist, Christopher Bowes on keys, Paul Templing on guitar, JamesContinue Reading