As all the greatest teachers have realized, the job of teaching holds a much greater responsibility than imparting information. Here at Smithtown High School West we are lucky enough to have a very diverse set of teachers who put this belief into action each and every day. Freshman and sophomoreContinue Reading

Throughout the beginning of the school year, West’s College Business and Communications class, held by Ms.Cynthia Wood, has been busy. Each day, students have been assertively assembling clips that will be edited to form the school’s Pep Rally video! There has been tremendous cooperation and coordination between students and teachersContinue Reading

Do you remember Mr. Maritato’s first year teaching in the Smithtown District? Neither do I, that’s because Richard Nixon was the president, a gallon of gas cost 40 cents, teachers were allowed to smoke in classrooms and Smithtown West was referred to as Accompsett Junior High. The year was 1971.Continue Reading