I wake up every morning in peace and go to bed in peace. I walk to school safely and walk home safely. I have so many opportunities and almost no limits.  What more can you ask for? Well, I owe a lot of these privileges to my country. We liveContinue Reading

An estimated 45,00 Americans are behind bars for thefts of less than $10,000, and their punishments do not fit the crime. In New York, stealing more than $1,000 is a felony. For example, a person who grabs a new iPhone can end up in prison, at public expense, for fourContinue Reading

2021 has been anything other than an exciting year for music. With Lil Skies announcing his new album, it sounded like this could either be the beginning of a great year of music or the start of another year of disappointing music. Lil Skies has been an extremely shaky artistContinue Reading

To say we live in chaotic times is an understatement. Our country faces a polarizing presidential election against the intense influence of a deadly pandemic and a national fight against racial injustice.  In 1968, our country also faced a defining presidential election amid a fight for civil rights. The powerfulContinue Reading

As high school ends, many are thinking about their future. Some look toward colleges and trade schools wondering how they will afford it and what exactly they will do with their future. While looking towards the future, there is always the option of joining the army. This is encouraged andContinue Reading

Living in New York, it is practically impossible to not know the name Andrew Cuomo. As the current Governor of New York, Cuomo carries around a hefty name and a hefty job; governing New York with its size and the diverse culture and opposing viewpoints can be difficult. However, CuomoContinue Reading