How often have you heard this narrative? A hardworking student pushes through school for thirteen years, taking all the advanced and honors classes they can, doing well on exams, captaining varsity sports teams, leading clubs and community service organizations, and their parents spending a fortune on tutoring and extracurricular activities.Continue Reading

Stupid, retard, freak, fat, gay; these are the words that the average bully uses to make his or her victim feel weak and alone. All over America,  kids are being bullied at schools, sometimes to death. But with the use of technology we now, not knowingly carry the bullying homeContinue Reading

Important changes in the way we tell history have occurred simultaneously with major changes in the technology of the press. In the early years of the Republic, politicians created, sponsored, and controlled newspapers to further their interests. People who spoke out against these interests were often discredited. John Peter Zenger,Continue Reading

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Flashing lights, cheerful music, children and families together to enjoy a show filled with excitement. The first circus to open in the United States was held in Philadelphia, 1797. Horses were being used in circuses since the late 1700s. Over multiple years, theContinue Reading

What will you tell your children about how life used to be when you were a kid? Will you reminisce about going on a school field trip to the zoo? What about your summer vacation? These simple yet memorable events are the foundations of childhood. However, the world around usContinue Reading

As society evolves, so does technology. Wall phones turn into cell phones, desktop computers turn into laptops, glasses turn into contacts, TV turns into Netflix, and books turn into eReaders. We replace the old with the new and embrace the new technology that is presented to us because we thinkContinue Reading

The New Nintendo Switch has now hit the biggest selling number imaginable, selling over 20 million copies World Wide. What does this mean? It means that Nintendo has the biggest hit console ever made. Let’s see what makes this console so different from the other ones. The Nintendo Switch isContinue Reading

If you’re a teenager who listens to the mainstream hits as your go-to source of music, you’ve most likely had an older family member or teacher look at you in sheer disgust and ask “… that’s the music you listen to?” or just straight “What is that?” Their concern isContinue Reading

  The Hate U Give (aka THUG) gives a modern day time stance on issues such as police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. In THUG the main character, Starr, witnesses her childhood friend, Khalil, get shot by a white police officer when Khalil was innocent. This stems offContinue Reading