Moe’s, Chipotle, Cabo.  The big 3.  Hours can be spent debating which is the best and why.   Let’s start off with the baby of the three, Cabo.  Cabo first made its appearance on Long Island in Stony Brook.  Cabo is known for having fresh ingredients to go with their burritos,Continue Reading

The president’s feud with the NFL has gained worldwide attention for over a week. It is thus far the longest amount of time we’ve talked about one of his controversies before a new one has overshadowed it. He has demanded that players who kneel during the anthem be fired forContinue Reading

In the modern world of streaming websites and skyrocketing prices of movie tickets it is undeniable that film is becoming a dying art. Too many people, especially at a younger age, watch movies without any notion of opinion or criticism. There was a time when going to the movies heldContinue Reading

Drugs have become a somewhat popular and dangerous trend with the current teenage generation, more so than it used to be. Teens now find the need to bring a variety of drugs with them to school and participate in doing them during the school day. These actions make myself, andContinue Reading

59 dead, 527 injured. The mass shooting that occurred this past weekend in Las Vegas on October 1st, 2017 has just became the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Gunman Stephen Paddock has wreaked havoc nation wide as innocent people enjoying a country music festival in Mandalay Bay, heContinue Reading

YouTube Restricted Mode Editorial YouTube’s restricted mode is a setting that, as YouTube describes, was designed to “broadly restrict content across more mature topics, whether these are videos that contain profanity, those that depict images or descriptions of violence, or discussion of certain diseases like addictions and eating disorders.” ThoughContinue Reading

Ah, Buzzfeed. The once relatable website, has now given way to only being good for it’s quizzes and the occasional “white people try spicy food for the first time”video. How did Buzzfeed go to being such an influential and popular website to being that one place where it’s like “well,Continue Reading

Home has always been a place of comfort, happiness, a safe haven.  Work, on the other hand, revolves around extreme concentration, organization, and due dates.  Why would anyone want to combine two polar opposite words into one dreaded, horrid, sickening compound word: homework? This word’s decision to defy its definitionContinue Reading