The Siano Effect

Ms. Siano has been part of the Smithtown West family for 23 years. She has helped countless students throughout her high school career. Ms. Siano is not only a teacher; she is a director, a mother, and a mother-like figure to some. Ms. Siano is an incredible history, economics, and special education teacher. She pushes her students to try their absolute best and will always give the best guidance possible. She does not only help students with their studies, she also helps students deal with their emotions. In my personal experiences, when I have been so extremely stressed out or worried Ms. Siano has always been there to help me. Ms. Siano cares so much about her students that when working with her, there is a bond created that will never be broken. 


As a teacher, Ms. Siano teaches upperclassmen courses along with resource rooms. If you ever need help with any history classes, she is your girl. Ms. Siano enjoys teaching senior students economics and helpful life skills for their future after high school. But where she shines the most is in her resource room classes. Ms. Siano is able to help students with many subjects and give them the guidance they need to succeed in high school. She truly cares about her students and would do anything for them. Not only is she extremely helpful in the academic aspect in school she also enjoys helping and directing the school’s musicals. The last performance she directed was 9 to 5, which was a comedic, high school musical version of the movie 9 to 5. 


When Siano did the school musicals, she would dedicate her whole life to the productions. She was always the last person to leave at night after rehearsal. And her dedication definitely shoes when you watch her amazing productions. I myself (Aren Nessler) was a part of Siano’s last production 9 to 5. Ms.Siano harvests an amazing environment that makes you feel comfortable to be yourself and build relationships. In her productions, she always tried to make sure that every kid involved played an important role in the creation of the show. Her bombastic personality, while intimidating, makes her unforgettable. Siano’s energy has prompted many people to come out of their shell and improve themselves, either on a personal level, with their artistic skills, or academically. Both as a director and educator, Ms.Siano pushes you to be the best you can be. She cares deeply about her students and is always a great person to go to for honest advice. 


There was recently a fundraiser honoring Sianos work in the school. Current students and alumni performed in “The best of the best” showcase, where they sang songs from all of the musicals that Siano directed. It was arranged by Matt Kelly, and it was a surprise for Siano. It also fundraised for upcoming productions at West. The tears and speeches of Siano’s colleagues as well as past and present students at this event showed how strong her impact was. 


In January of 2024, Ms. Siano’s time at Smithtown High School West came to a well deserved end. Ms Siano retired after all of her hard work at High School West. School will not be the same without Ms. Siano. She will be missed incredibly not only by her coworkers but by her students and former students. We love and appreciate all that Ms. Siano has done and we wish her the absolute best with what she does in her retirement.


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