President Trump tested positive for Covid-19 days after the Presidential debate. This past weekend, he stayed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment. 

While at the medical center, the president’s treatment included a steroid and a five-day course of a broad-spectrum antiviral medication. Dr. Brian Garibaldi told reporters on Monday that Trump would get a fifth dose of the antiviral medication at the White House on Tuesday night, and that he continues to receive steroids. With this, there is a possibility that the president’s symptoms will worsen, which many Americans fear. 

On Monday evening, Trump returned to the White House and was standing on the White House balcony and removing his face mask. Many doctors observed that he was trying to position his neck in different ways to help him breathe. This statement indicated that his lungs were not able to take in enough oxygen for this body. The symptoms can either increase or decrease from here. 

Doctors and medical experts announced that President Donald Trump is entering a critical phase in the illness, which can take a turn for the worse 7 to 10 days into the onset of symptoms.

As of now, Trump has told the media that he has had minor symptoms and is getting better. President Trump believes that going forward, he will not have worse symptoms. Doctors and nurses will continue to watch the president as he recovers.

Although many people wondered how the two presidential candidates were going to conduct the 2nd presidential debate following the news of Trump’s positive test, Both President and Trump and Biden stated that they are not having the debate, and instead each candidate will be having live town halls.

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