Death Race for Love is the second studio album by the American rapper Juice Wrld and his last album released during his lifetime. Released on March 8th, 2019, the album features two major singles in the album. Those two singles were “Robbery” produced by Nick Mira and “Hear Me Calling” produced by Purps. The album was certified gold by the RIAA.

Death Race For Love was one of Juice Wrld’s best albums by far. He is so talented and creative with his work and took pride in it. Juice Wrld freestyled the entire album without writing anything down beforehand and managed to make hits that many people loved. His music does not target a specific age group but a variety of groups. Adults, teens, even kids have heard of him or listened to him and liked his music. The instrumentals and his voice combine in a way that makes you want to listen to the song over and over again. Most of his songs have a meaning behind them, unlike other types of rap that talk about only guns and violence. He lets out his feelings into his songs and expresses them clearly.

On his song, “Empty” many people on their first listen may think nothing of the lyrics but, if you listened to his previous album Goodbye and Good Riddance, you know that there is some meaning behind his lyrics. These three lines, “Ain’t no right way, just the wrong way I know – I problem-solve with Styrofoam – My world revolves around a black hole”. Juice Wrld is letting out how he feels here. We can infer that he is lost and stuck like a black hole. He says, “just the wrong way I know”, meaning he is making these bad decisions that are leading him to the “black hole.” In his next song “Maze,” it portrays the same kind of meaning. He says, “stuck in a maze” meaning he is stuck in this loop just like he said in “Empty” with the black hole. Juice Wrld has had a rough life for the end of his teen years. He dealt with a very tough breakup and the use of drugs. He used rap as a sort of relief for his problems, and it helped him a lot with his problems and other things he has dealt with. Once he got noticed for his rap music, it completely changed him and made him fix the bad choices he made.

But this album is not perfect. On the album, one of the songs, “Syphilis” is not a Juice Wrld-type song. It is very explicit and lots of screaming, unlike a lot of his other songs that are a lot nice to listen to. Also, a lot of these songs seem to repeat the same type of meanings behind it when you listen to the lyrics. He talks about drugs very repetitively and about his problems with girls. He mentions a girl or drugs at least once in almost every song. Some people do not like it when the artist talks about these topics. Many sources like Album of the Year and Metacritic gave it low ratings according to reviews. But overall, this album is great. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to listen to something that has some meaning behind it.

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