The Crest I Long to Don

I wake up every morning in peace and go to bed in peace. I walk to school safely and walk home safely. I have so many opportunities and almost no limits.  What more can you ask for? Well, I owe a lot of these privileges to my country. We live in a liberating country that is quite generous to its citizens. For centuries, America has proved itself to be strong and resilient. Countless wars have been fought, numerous technological advancements have been developed, limitless opportunities have been offered, and unlimited chances to make a difference in the world have been given to citizens living in the great country of America. Now, if you ask me, that is quite a remarkable resume. 

I could not be more proud to be an American. Looking at the American flag every day at school when my peers and I recite the national anthem, I imagine the soldiers that fought for freedom, liberty, hope, and most importantly — our nation. To me, this gives me a rush of pride and joy. Moreover, the fact that soldiers are still fighting for the United States of America gives me even more of a spark. It gives me a reason to believe in something so much bigger than I am. “Wow”, I tell myself, “I’m part of this extraordinary country. I am an American.”

My nationality is what I wear in my heart. It is knowing where I belong. It is understanding what is right. It is what motivates me to be the best citizen I can be. It is a reminder of my gratitude and appreciation for my privileges and opportunities. 

As a son of a police officer, I further understand the importance of appreciating this sense of patriotism and pride. My dad isn’t a soldier, but he certainly acts like it. He fights for his country and for justice day in and day out. I am beyond honored to watch him serve in that way and see him come home safely. Living in America all these years has truly been a blessing, and I can’t wait to learn more.

 Now, as I thrive to achieve my goals and aspirations to become a member of the USA National Team in the Paralympics for Blind Ice Hockey, I have the motivation and drive to get there. I dream of donning the American flag on my jersey’s crest. I am one proud American.

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