LONDON - DECEMBER 1958: Queen Elizabeth II poses for a portrait at home in Buckingham Palace in December 1958 in London, England. (Photo by Donald McKague/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

The Queen’s Mysterious Letter

Since 1952 Queen Elizabeth II reigned over the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth Realms with a great variety of opinions from the rest of the world—and now her successors are struggling to figure out what to do. After the longest ruling time in English history, the unthinkable has finally happened—her death. With Britain in shambles, there is one thing in particular the whole world should be turned on their head for: her mysterious, secret letter to be opened in 2085. 

The letter, written to citizens of Sydney, is hidden in a time capsule in a building dedicated to Queen Victoria. To commemorate her great-great grandmother, the building was constructed in 1986, along with the letter written to the Lord Mayor of Sydney. While there are theories as to the contents of the letter, many believe it to have a more casual message, perhaps in regards to the building that was allegedly almost torn down in the late 80s. However, the latter theory is more sinister, and many believe it may contain evidence about what happened to Princess Diana. 

Since her death in 1997, much of the public has conspired that The Crown had more knowledge than they led on, and killed her off because of her more progressive views. While it is going to be a while before we are able to figure out just what The Queen’s letter says, there is plenty of time to ponder at what it may contain. Whether it’s nothing to be concerned about or something immensely scandalous, the public can undoubtedly question why she hid this.

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