2022 Celebrity Halloween Costumes

This year’s celebrity halloween costumes did not disappoint, whether it was Kylie Jenner as the Bride of Frankenstein or Lizzo as Marge Simpson. However, some did not deliver as well. The iconic Riverdale trio, Lili Reinheart, Madelaine Petch, and Camila Mendes, rocked the hocus pocus trio costume. Reinhart rocked the Sarah Sanderson look, Petch nailed Winifred Sanderson, and Mendes killed the Mary Sanderson costume. Rebel Willson also caught everyone’s attention in a Barbie costume, completed with a plastic box. Jojo Siwa also took part in the Halloween festivities by dressing up as Draco Malfoy, with slicked hair and a robe. The “Victorious” stars, Arianna Grande and Liz Gillies, were reunited for their costumes based on the mockumentary, “Best in Show.” The two friends even recreated multiple scenes from the movie, and posted videos to their Instagram profiles. 

Last but certainly not least, the queen of Halloween, Heidi Klum, shocked everyone with this year’s costume. In the past, she has been known to have creative and intricate costumes, like Fiona from Shrek, Cleopatra, and even an elderly woman. But this year, Klum took it in a whole new direction and dressed as a worm. She wore a full rubber costume with small holes for her eyes and nose. Most think it is her scariest costume yet, but it is safe to say she caught the attention of the world.

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