Democrats Win the Senate in a Historic Election

In one of the most intense and important midterm elections in history, it’s been determined that the Democrats will remain in control of the Senate. This decision has sent shock waves to Democrats and Republicans alike throughout the country as the Republicans were projected to take control of the Senate and House. It’s commonplace for minority party members to win seats in Congress during midterm elections, allowing for balance in the federal government.

However, the opposite occurred, making this win for the Democrats historic. This is most likely due to voter turnout, one of the biggest in our country’s history. Historically, more Republicans vote than Democrats, as well as more middle aged and seniors vote than younger Americans. This election, it seems that more Democrats and younger voters casted their ballots. Another factor that determined the outcome of this election was the influx of motives for voting: gun control, abortion rights, inflation/economy, and crime.

Many Democrats held gun control and abortion rights important regarding their decision and for Republicans, inflation/economy and crime. Some of the most important races occurred in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Arizona where Democratic senators won. Georgia, another important race, has gone into a runoff and results will not be announced for weeks. However, as of now, Democrat Raphael Warnock is in the lead by just 0.9%. While it is still unclear who will take control of the House, it seems that Congress will not change as much as predicted. 

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