What’s the Problem With UGGS?

Recently, UGG Boots have become the latest trend. However, people are quick to purchase them and typically don’t look at the process to make them. UGGs have been accused of animal cruelty by multiple organizations, including PETA. PETA claims the company uses inhumane tactics in shearing, which harvests the wool used in the lining of the boots.  

According to PETA, millions of lambs die every year due to inhumane treatment by major companies. The hard labor induced by these chains creates a hostile work environment and takes a serious toll on the bodies of the sheep. Deflecting the accusations, UGG claimed that the sheepskin was provided by a third party company and that they were unaware of the unsafe conditions. Although they deflected the claims, there has been no statement released about fixing the issue, and people continue to purchase UGGs despite the ongoing issue. 

UGGs were in style around the 2010s, and have made a recent comeback in specific styles. Many people have looked into the issue and are reusing their old UGG boots, and even restyling them. Some have even cut their old boots and styled them into the recently trending “UGG minis.” The reuse of old shoes has improved the issue of animal cruelty, and should be considered before buying new pairs.

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