Baldwin, N.Y.: Congressman-elect George Devolder Santos during a press conference on November. 9, 2022 in Baldwin, New Yotk. (Photo by Alejandra Villa Loarca/Newsday RM via Getty Images)

The Latest on George Santos

The list of Rep. George Santos’ lies and fraud lengthens by the week. Just this past week, sources revealed that Santos was charged with theft in 2017 after underpaying an Amish farmer for golden retrievers. Some other lies and fraud include where he went to college, his work on Wall Street, his founding of an animal shelter, and swindling a disabled veteran who’s service dog needed life-saving surgery. He also claimed that his grandparents were Holocaust survivors and photos were leaked of a drag queen in Brazil that looks little too similar to Santos. At this point, it’s possible that his name isn’t even George Santos. 

Understandably, residents of New York’s 3rd district, the district that Santos represents, feel betrayed and angered at Santos. People from Long Island and Queens have called his office on many occasions without reply, whether they had a legitimate constituent question or they asked for his resignation. A poll done by Siena College found that 80% of people want him out, including Republicans who voted for him. Other House members say he’s been a distraction when they should be getting to work and show little to no support for him. GOP Senator Mitt Romney called Santos “a sick puppy” after seeing him try to shake hands with other Senators at the State of the Union Address just last week. Even while under fire from both political parties and while House Democrats introduced a bill to remove him from office, Santos stated that he will not resign.

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