Did we find aliens?! “Extra terrestrials” presented to the Mexican Government.

On Sept. 14, 2023, The Mexican National Government held a private UFO hearing open to journalists and other members of the Mexican Congress. Journalist Jaime Maussan shared with government officials and politicians two bodies of what appeared to be aliens. The bodies of these creatures were kept in two separate cases. They resembled a downscaled version of the aliens one would see in a movie like E.T., with three fingers and big heads that don’t fit their bodies. 


He told the congress members that he discovered the aliens in Peru during the year 2017, and that he ran multiple tests on the bodies. He claimed after the tests that the “aliens” were not related to life on earth whatsoever. Once the meeting was dismissed, the Mexican congress decided to run a few tests on the aliens. The first test was an X-ray to check bone structure to fully understand the creatures and possibly prove that there is life outside of planet Earth.


After the X-ray was run and processed, it did prove that these creatures had a bone structure and actually resembled the human body in a few ways. The X-ray also showed eggs in the creature’s lower torso. If the eggs were real, they were probably dead, since Maussan claimed that the aliens dated back thousands of years ago. 


Afterwards, the government got permission to dissect the alien to fully understand it. They discovered that the skin was in fact a synthetic glue and paper mix used to simulate skin. Researchers are not clear what animal was used to create the bones of this fake alien. 


The news of the aliens being confirmed fake shocked the whole world. Everyone was at a loss of words because one man tried to trick the whole world, and actually succeeded for a short amount of time.

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