At their home in London, the Hodgson family begins to experience paranormal events mainly to the second oldest child, Janet. One night, the Hodgson family goes to a neighbor’s house to spend the night when they do not feel safe in their own home. When word goes out that theseContinue Reading

Finding Dory is your typical family fun movie with aspects of reality and hints of truth that make the movie that much better than some movie about a fish getting lost and being found. The introduction of new characters and a new setting gives the movie a surprising yet interesting taste yetContinue Reading

  Manninos have been an amazing pizzeria in Smithtown since the year 2000. They have had the greatest cuisines of Italian pizzas. In the year 2009, Mannino’s expanded their space to create an addition which was their restaurant part.   When you first walk into the pizzeria/ restaurant you automaticallyContinue Reading

Every six months or so there’s a dramatic increase of movie goers rushing to the movies, the author of this article being just one member of the mob. Everyone’s quickly rushing to see the newest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, there’s one movie in particular which has yet toContinue Reading