Whether you think exercising in a work environment is appropriate, you cannot deny the positive effects it has on employees. Recently, obesity has become a leading problem in America. More than two-thirds (68.8 percent) of adults are considered to be overweight or obese. Over the past few years, employers have pursued many strategies over the years to control healthcare costs and improve care. This is beneficial to employers because exercise is proven to decrease stress, increase well-being therefore increasing the amount of productivity.


Fit employees are less stressed. Regular exercise throughout the day releases physical and emotional tensions that keep us in the way of doing our jobs, thus a fit employee tends to have a lower overall stress rate as opposed to an unfit worker. When your own needs are taken care off, you’re stronger and more resilient to stress. The better you feel, the more you’re able to cope with stress. Small things, such as exercise, lift your mood, increase energy, and have you feeling totally in control of every situation. According to a study done at the the University of Bristol, on exercise days, people’s mood significantly improved after exercising. Mood stayed about the same on days they didn’t, with the exception of people’s sense of calm which deteriorated. Fit employees also inspire confidence, therefore encouraging workers around them to feel confident.


Employees must set goals in order to reach maximum fitness. To maintain a healthy life and workplace, it is necessary for employees to set and reach their fitness goals. Learning to stay true to your goals and see them through to completion is a skill that is naturally brought into the workplace. An employee with the proven ability to set aggressive goals is highly valued in the work force.


Exercise should be encouraged in the workforce not only because it increases the mood and productivity of workers, but also because it helps fight obesity and other physical and mental problems. Being your best, physically and mentally, will help you improve your overall work ability.


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