Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is definitely one of the most highly anticipated games of the whole season, people rave about it for days. Many sports fans  gear up to root for their favorite team in hopes they will win, some even bet hundreds of dollars on the big game. This year Rihanna fans were  getting excited to see their favorite singer perform live for the first time in seven years. Along with Rihanna and sports fans, big companies showing their million dollar ads during the Super Bowl also have some high nerves.  The super bowl would definitely not be the same without the commercials. To some people the commercials that play during the superbowl are better than the game. People love to see their favorite celebrities make guest appearances in commercials. This year many viewers saw an array of celebrities in the superbowl commercials. Viewers saw Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in a Dunkin Donuts commercial. Will Ferrell was featured in a GM electric car commercial. Two familiar faces from Breaking Bad were featured in the popcorners commercial as well. People love these ads because they get to see some of their favorite celebrities act in a comedic way. These commercials are usually uplifting and they help break some of the tension of the big super bowl game. For many companies to get a commercial spot during the superbowl is not an easy task. That being said companies who get a spot during the superbowl will see their business sales improve. For these big companies that 30 second to one minute commercial slot comes with a huge price tag though. A company could pay up to 7 million dollars just for a spot during the super bowl, so definitely pay close attention to those super bowl ads.

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