Close up of friends with circle of smart phones

“It’s Those Dang Phones”

Each day thousands of people walk into telephone poles everyday while walking to school. Can’t you just picture it: you’re the only one not staring at your tiny screen updating the world what your outfit is for the day and you see someone walk into a telephone pole, or a tree. I don’t know about you but that would make my morning.


“As I was walking down the street to go to Starbucks, I saw like a bunch of  people updating their twitter accounts and they all almost stepped into traffic, thank goodness for horns,” a witness stated from the near major traffic incident. JEM News conducted an interview with the witness since these near car accidents have been happening every other day.


JEM has figured out what is causing these incidents, the constant use of social media, and it’s just getting worse from what they can tell.  Teens, the future generation of this world, distracted, living and breathing online.


“ I was just on my new iPhone 7, telling my followers what I had for breakfast, when the tree just appeared in front of me, I could have sworn that the tree wasn’t there yesterday and I walk the same way to school everyday,” said the victim of social media, Suzy.


This is what our society is coming to in this day and age, people actually caring what others had for breakfast. “ Everyday I look forward to viewing my morning tweet of Suzy. I just know everything about her day, everything, its what I look forward to throughout the day, her tweets.” said unnamed personal in an interview conducted by journalist Edward Jack, a part of the JEM team.


With the increase of technological advances, social media has began to increase its appearance on the internet and into peoples, more specifically, teenagers lives.


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