The New York Mets have won the 2017 World Series Championship with resigning of Yoenis Cespedes, according to their organization. They are now going to spend the rest of the offseason figuring out a date and route for their victory parade. Reporters were able to catch up with Yo after his golf round while he was on his cigar break. Ces signed a 4 year/ $400 million deal back on Wednesday, it was reported that he was just finishing up the 18th hole when the news broke. They reported how happy and excited he is about rejoining the team next year but also said he could miss up to two weeks with a with a quadriceps injury he had just suffered on the back nine. Yoenis thinks the injury might be related to the one he suffered last on July 8th from playing a round of golf hours before a game.


Along with the resigning of Cespedes it seems that Matt Harvey’s recovery from shoulder surgery is coming along nicely. Yesterday he released his schedule to management outlining the days he will not be attending games because of various commercials, concerts, and Yankees/ Ranger games he’ll be at instead. Harvey’s agent Scott Boras came out and said he wasn’t sure about the legitimacy of the schedule because “Wednesday is usually Matt’s coke night”.


Harvey will have to play a huge role in the rotation next year, since their best pitcher Bartolo Colon has left to sample the culinary delights of Atlanta and rejoin his second family. Bart was quoted outside an Atlanta rib joint saying “I wish I could be part of the World Series team this year but damn the BBQ down here is good”. Colon was also the only healthy pitcher on the Mets roster last year, usually pitching on half-a day’s rest.
Despite Terry Collins slight concerns about his team next, he realizes the Mets get to play the Marlins, Phillies and Braves 150 out of 162 games next year. Also the 2017 Mets are going to bring back the fan favorite “bullpen cart” shaped like a Mets baseball cap, their hoping this will reduce overuse on their often-injured pitching staff as they can now drive pitchers out to the mound. They are also considering playing Mr. Met in center field for Cespedes during Braves and phillies series to minimize the risk of him getting injured. The Yankees organization were asked to comment on the subject but were not available for questioning because they were busy hanging plaques in monument park.   

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