Tim Tebow, a Heisman trophy winner and is said to be one of the most hyped quarterbacks for the NFL. As most football players should be getting ready for next season, Tim Tebow was in Port St. Lucie, Florida training at spring training with the New York Mets. Yes, the baseball team. After having a failed NFL career he announced he switch to baseball. Everyone was shocked but this was not the first time a professional athlete had switched to baseball. Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson are on a list of athletes who switched from their primary sport to baseball trying to get a new start.

Tim Tebow has played two games with the Mets, against the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros. Tim plays outfield and is starting to get the feel of the pros. Even though it’s only his first couple weeks playing with the pros he’s getting national attention on every move he makes. From Striking out against the Cy young award winner, to making a catch, a hit or even getting on base every move tim tebow makes will be covered and reported by the media. This is because it’s not very likely in sports when someone becomes a Heisman trophy winner to an MLB player because of failure in the NFL.

Tim Tebow was hitless in his first eight at bats then when he approached the mound against the Houston Astros he got his first major league hit. He hit it in between the shortstop and 3rd and got his first hit which was a single.

Even though Tim Tebow has been playing well, he is very inexperienced, and many scouts still think he is not a baseball player and is still a football player, which may hurt his career. He hasn’t been playing baseball all his life so he won’t immediately make it to the majors but over time with his hard work he can get pulled up to the majors.

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